Rookie Quarterbacks Having Surprising Seasons so far

Rookie Quarterbacks Having Surprising Seasons so far

Billy Mattison

In the first three rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft, there were six quarterbacks who were selected in the first round (five selected) third rounds (one selected) that are currently playing. – the top selections are struggling so far while the later picks are doing better.

With the first pick overall the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.  Lawrence was no doubt the best quarterback in College Football in 2020.  In the NFL however, he is not doing as well as people thought.  Lawrence currently has only 6 touchdowns with 8 interceptions.  Another guy who is not doing so well so far is the Jets second overall pick Zach Wilson from BYU.  Wilson currently has 4 touchdowns with 9 interceptions.  It is interesting how the first two picks of the 2021 NFL Draft already threw that many interceptions so early into the season.

With the third overall pick in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected Trey Lance from North Dakota State.  When the 49ers made this selection, many were surprised because Lance played for a team that was not even in the FBS which is where teams like Clemson, Ohio State, BYU, and Alabama are.  North Dakota State is in the FCS which has teams like South Dakota State, James Madison, Villanova, Harvard, etc.  Many people questioned this pick because they believed that he did not play against good competition compared to the other quarterbacks and did not deserve to be picked that early.  Lance was originally the backup for the 49ers but then the veteran Jimmy Garoppolo was injured and Lance got his shot.  In the few games he played, Lance has thrown for three touchdowns and only one interception.  He has also ran for one touchdown.  Lance has really so far stepped up and shown that it was smart to draft him with the third pick in the draft.

The Bears selected Justin Fields from Ohio State with the eleventh overall pick in the draft.  However Fields has not played in every game of the season due to Bears head coach Matt Nagy deciding to start veteran Andy Dalton instead.  Fields came in for veteran Andy Dalton after Dalton got hurt but Bears head coach Matt Nagy named Fields the starting quarterback for the rest of the season last week despite Dalton being fully healed.  In the few game he has played, Fields has thrown four one touchdown and two interceptions.  He also has ran for a touchdown as well.

With the fifteenth overall pic in the draft, the Patriots selected Mac Jones from Alabama.  Jones was named the starter after the Patriots cut veteran Cam Newton after the preseason.  Jones has been the best rookie quarterback so far until Texans veteran quarterback Deshaun Watson was benched after he got hurt and requested to be traded.  When Watson got benched, the Texans named rookie Davis Mills from Stanford to be the starter.  Mills was selected in the third round.  In the few games he played, Mills has thrown for 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions.

However, it is still early in the season so anything could happen.  The guys who are not doing so well now can easily to amazing later in the year and vise-versa.