Niles Haunted House

Niles Haunted House

Bella Giles

If you are looking for something to make your nights a little more spooky then you should check out the Niles Haunted House.

It has several new attractions this year including Nuclear Nightmare which has nuclear infected victims who tried to escape but didn’t make it and you have to navigate your way through the twists and turns and you never know what is coming around the corner or coming out of the ceiling.

The Gruesome Gallery is up next; it has a scary mix of different creatures/humans with mutations in it that are sure to give you a scare and might even eat you alive. The classic regular Niles Haunted house is filled with a whole bunch of creepy twists and turns because you never know what is around the corner it could be a barber ready to give you a nice haircut or a guy with a chainsaw chasing you and you better run because who knows what happens when he catches you.

Another is the Field of Screams full of creepy clowns and so many confusing paths you never know which way to go and you better not get lost because who knows if you will get out. Finally there is the all-time favorite the Hayride where you get put on a spooky path rolling into different little towns where you never know what is going to pop out at you or what is going to shoot out at you. It could be water but you never know.