First Page Friday: Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso


L Brenner

Front cover and first page of Little Creeping Things

Ms. Brenner, School Library Media Specialist

October is finally here and there is no better time to  dial up the spooky vibes. If you’re looking for a thriller horror story, look no further than Little Creeping Things by Chelsea Ichaso! Enjoy the first page of this YA thriller novel and be sure to check out the ebook copy from our digital collection by using the Sora app.

From Good Reads:

When she was a child, Cassidy Pratt accidentally started a fire that killed her neighbor. At least, that’s what she’s been told. She can’t remember anything from that day, and her town’s bullies, particularly the cruel and beautiful Melody Davenport, have never let her live it down.

But then Melody goes missing, and Cassidy thinks she may have information. She knows she should go to the cops, but she recently joked about how much she’d like to get rid of Melody. She even planned out the perfect way to do it. And then she gets a chilling text from an unknown number: I’m so glad we’re in this together.

Now it’s up to Cassidy to figure out what really happened before the truth behind Melody’s disappearance sets the whole town ablaze.

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