Struggling to Study?

Struggling to Study?

Keely Bonin, Reporter

Do you need better studying habits? Well then this is the place for you to be.

When it comes to taking notes, different colors can help with different things. Such as memorization. One method is by using four colors. For example picking four colors for four separate things. Whether it’s a definition or an important date.

Another way to remember things better is by saying the equation, for example, out loud rather than just reading it. Yet another way is by rewarding yourself with treats of sorts after reading each paragraph. You could also try explaining the method to another person to see if you really understand it.

One technique you could use is association by chewing a piece of gum during a specific class or while studying for a specific subject. Then chew the same flavor during the test or quiz.

A classic study habit is to make flash cards or try a game of memory, by flipping all the cards over and trying to match definitions with the right words. You should also remember to take regular study breaks after about 45-50 minutes of studying.

There is also always the choice of studying in a group with friends or other people in your class. There are also apps that you can download to help keep your focus including SelfControl which quite literally blocks everything out.

You could also try switching where you study, as studies have shown that staying in the same place can no longer work. By switching up where you study your mind can adapt to different spaces to learn in. Finally a study habit that everyone knows but doesn’t always do… Get enough sleep.