Styles of the Best Selling Music


KJ Anderson

Rap is currently the biggest genre of music growing mainstream from the ’90s to today. Like anything that grows it changes over time and location and because of that styles of beats and rapping change and are different.

To start is the Old School Style that formed in the ’70s and ’80s around New York and created the staples of hip-hop and rap with Tupac and Slick Rick being the poster boys of the era. After Old School style the Boom-bap Style gets its name for the drum sounds with kicks and snares in the ’90s and inspired modern-day rap.

Jazz rap, Trap, Mumble, Rap rock, Country trap, Gangsta, Drill, and Soundcloud are styles of rap that are in current rap that don’t have a location base. Jazz rap is using Jazz music sounds like a beat with a more laid back and more swag in audio sound, Jazz rap, Rap rock, and Country rap are rap alterations on the genres that they are based on and are known to have more singing than other types.

Trap Style rap is one of the most current and mainstream styles of rap today along with Drill and Gangster rap. Mumble and Soundcloud rap are the two newest styles in rap history with Mumble rap as the older style know for its heavy focus on the beat and the style of slurred and mumble lyrics as its name suggests.

While styles like G-Funk, Mobb Music, UK Grime, UK Drill, Houston Slab, and Midwest Chopper are more localized in types. Midwest Chopper style of rap is a fast-paced rhyme scheme that was based in the Midwest (“Shocker”). G-Funk is a more laid-back style with more of a car and club and more based in the California area like Mobb Music also known as Bay Area Music. Houston Slab is a type of rap that has a heavy and booming beat with a usually a deep rap voice. Internationally UK Drill & UK Grime are the biggest in marketing and is Drill with a UK twist and UK Grime is a grimy gangster rap and is becoming more mainstream with the internet.

Rap is every growing and not stopping soon, so the styles will keep evolving and won’t stop.