Saint Joe’s Fall Play-30 Reasons To Not Be in a Play- the Play

Grace Ryal, Staff Writer/ Reporter

Saint Joe’s Fall play , 30 Reasons to Not be in a Play, The Play, is what has been going on in the theater community. I caught up with senior, Felicity Nolan, who has been involved in theater since her freshman year. She described the plot of the movie as “a bunch of skits, which shows why plays are terrible, and people who tell their traumatic experiences in plays.”

In the past, the fall plays usually have a smaller cast, but this year they have over 20 cast and crew. With this being the first fall play, performing on stage, since COVID, the cast and crew is very excited to be actual performing in front of a live audience, instead of over a Zoom call.

With Mr. Reynolds as director, and Sarah Beason who helps in casting and directing, the theater community is stacked with many talented leaders! Because the play has so many cast members, everyone has an equal role, and there are technically no leads.

With many seniors involved in this play, it makes it special for them, for it being their last Saint Joe play. Special shoutout to production manager, Keelan Nguyen, stage manager, Katie Jachim and Angela Appleton, and other stage crew, Josh Culver, Aidan Zwiller, Jack Miller, and Bee Daugherty. Make sure you come out to support these special seniors on Thursday and Friday, at 7pm, to see all the hard work they have put in over the past month! Saint Joe plays and musicals never disappoint and always captures the students talented abilities to act and sing.