Abby Wagner Bowling Spotlight

Abby Wagner Bowling Spotlight

Bella Giles

Abby Wagner has been bowling on the Saint Joe team for all of her four years of high school. She also says she has gained some of her closest friends through bowling and just going out there and knocking pins down makes you feel like you are really bonding with the other bowlers on her team.

Wagner has bowled for thirteen year of her life and is currently competing in the Michiana All Stars team. They compete on Saturday mornings at nine in the morning she competes with many other people in her age division at Chippewa. Wagner’s highest game was a 247 and the highest game you can have is 300 so that is pretty awesome. She also plans to continue to push that high score and make it better in the future. She got this score on October 21, 2021.

Wagner enjoys bowling because she says it helps her just take a break and get away from her everyday life and take some of her anger out. She loves to just pop in her air pods and get into the zone and start knocking those pins down. Wagner’s favorite memory in her bowling career is when her teammate threw a toy ball down the lane while trying to aim for Wagner  and it got stuck behind some pins even after that teammate said she played softball.

In the future Wagner is still thinking about doing bowling in college but is unsure yet. She plans on going to Purdue to study.