The Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Megan Ryal, Reporter

The H.O.P.E Club is known for running the annual Saint Joe Thanksgiving Food Drive. Coming off a COVID year, the expectations are high. The club is hoping to feed many families throughout the community this year, with the help of donations from the Saint Joe community. In past years, we have been able to feed over three-hundred families a Thanksgiving meal. The meal box contains traditional food items you would find at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, including a turkey, stuffing & cans of nonperishable foods. This is a perfect way to get involved with the local community, but not having to travel far at all.

The H.O.P.E members Sanaya Firestone, Sara Fry, Grace Ryal, Megan Ryal and Beth Sutton have organized the drive, with the help of Mrs. Flores & Ms. Nemeth. To add a competitive spin to this community event, an incentive has been set in place for the flex classroom with the highest donation. We encourage students to talk to their families, and discuss how they want to give back to the local South Bend community, whether that is through a monetary donation or volunteering to package the boxes.

Mrs. Dana Strabavy, who was the previous H.O.P.E club moderator, discussed what kind of impact she has seen this drive have on the community. “The Food Drive makes a significant difference in our community. To date, after 34 years, we can estimate that almost $1 million has been raised to feed over 8,000 people in our community. Partnering with St. Vincent de Paul has helped establish a link between SJHS and the community.” After doing it for so many years, the personal impact this has had on her is significant. “It’s such a great feeling. The fellowship amongst students and the community is awesome! It’s great to watch students load cars full of food and watch the exchange that takes place. In a season of love and gratitude, it sure helps bring the spirit to life.” Strabavy thinks it is super important that Saint Joe students “…to be a servant leader. Anyone receiving a box from SJHS is in a time of need. This 34 year tradition as SJHS is one built to support our community. Please donate to help keep the tradition alive and give back to our beautiful city during a season of gratitude.”

Be sure to stay tuned for updates throughout the next couple of weeks!