College Application Tips and Tricks


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Blank college application on a desktop. Artwork created by the photographer.

Benjamin Amat, Reporter

As November 1st looms around the corner, many seniors are either stressed or worried as the early action deadline approaches. Therefore, as a senior myself, I have included some tips and tricks to help boost your college application!

1. Have another person read your college essays

This is probably one of my most important tips. When you submit your college applications, another person that does not know you at all is going to read them. Therefore, it makes sense that one or more people should read your application, including your essays. This will help with things such as proofreading, ideas, and judging whether or not your application meets their standards. Having other people review your application is key into getting into your top colleges.

2. Just be yourself

What admission officers are looking for is personality, and a genuine display of the student they are reviewing. The officer wants to see what kind of person you are. Therefore, just be yourself when you are creating your application, you know your own personality the best, so it would be difficult to try and be someone you are not.

3. Schedule appointments and visits with admission representatives

Saint Joe prides itself with the large amount of admission representatives that visit us every year. To know what each college is looking for, it is best to talk to the representatives in person. Take advantage of these visits to know how to best do your application for a specific college or university. This will increase your chances of getting in dramatically.

4. Stay organized

It is hard to keep track of everything that is going on in a college application. With multiple colleges and universities, navigating the CommonApp website can get confusing. Therefore, it is optimal to organize yourself so you know what to do. Write down the application due dates for each college and keep track of every essay you still need to do. An organized person has a much clearer head.

College application season is a stressful time, but as long as you just be yourself and work hard at them, you will get into the right college for you!