Anatomy Classes Start Pig Dissections


Billy Mattison

Who doesn’t love pigs?  They are cute, smelly yet dirty animals that roll around in the mud in a way that makes you want to still love them.  Mrs. Gergely’s and Ms. Streich’s Anatomy classes started a very  interesting lab this week: pig dissections.

A long standing tradition is to name the pig before the process begins.  Some of the names given were Patricia (Patty Pig), Sarah Piglet and Charlotte. After this bonding moment, the next step was to learn about the dissection methods.

The first step was for the students to lay the pigs on their backs and stretch out their legs.  “Stretch the legs like it’s doing exercises,” said Mrs. Gergley to the students.   Once the pigs had finished their exercises, it was time to cut!   The students were told to start around the chest area of their pig and cut down to the umbilical chord.  The cut was in the shape of an “I”.  When the students reached to umbilical chord, they separated the top layer of skin from the tissue.  During this cutting process, students were able to get a first glance at the intestines and some of the organs.  They were both grossed out and fascinated by seeing some of the internal organs of the pigs.   Further dissections will continue lasting into March.

Dissection provides students with direct experience learning mammal anatomy and requires responsibility to take the appropriate care to properly explore the organ structures inside the pigs.