Quinn Willerton Senior Spotlight for Bowling

Quinn Willerton Senior Spotlight for Bowling

Bella Giles

Quinn Willerton has been bowling for the Saint Joe team for all four years of his high school career. Willerton has gained some of his best friends from bowling and has made some great memories with them.

He is also a part of the play and the musical for Saint Joe and he loves doing it. He says that he is grateful that he has gained many friends from bowling and doing the play, and that Saint Joe gave him a welcoming community to be involved in.

Willerton’s favorite bowling alley to bowl at is Chippewa, and he says his least favorite alley way is O.C. Lanes in Osceola. Willerton says that some of his favorite memories from bowling were going out to eat with his friends after matches and practices. He does plan to bowl in college next year but only on the weekends with friends and family. He plans on going to college to major in psychology, and wants to attend Ball State or IU Bloomington.

His highest game is a 224 out of 300 which is really good and he got this score on October 30, 2021. He plans on trying to increase his high score while he is bowling with friends and family for fun. His brother was the one to first introduce bowling to him and convinced him to sign up freshman year. Quinn is very thankful for all the bowling programs that Saint Joe has offered him throughout his entire time at Saint Joseph High School.