Dangers of Fast Food


According to the CDC, 13.9% of high school students are classified as obese. 36.3% or over one third of children and adolescence consume fast food on any given day. High consumption rates of fast food can lead to heart disease and obesity due to the high calorie rate and lack of nutrition in most meals from well known chains. 

In one happy meal from McDonald’s, there are an average of 475 calories and 144 calories from fat. A 10 piece chicken nugget and fries, from Wendy’s contains 950 calories, 480 from fat. The cholesterol and sodium levels of these meals are extremely unhealthy, and directly contribute to the clogging of arteries.

In an NBC News article addressing the rise in teen fast food consumption, the reason for this gradual increase is discussed. Doctors from the CDC and Duke school of medicine conclude that obesity is more common in low income neighborhoods because fast food is easy, cheap, and accessible to stressed and struggling families. 

Here at Saint Joe we can combat large fast food consumption and obesity by staying aware of what food options are good for your body. Saint Joe does an amazing job of creating balanced meals for us students each and every day. 

Let’s make sure we stay healthy, Saint Joe! Stay away from fast foods on a daily basis, and talk to your parents and teachers about ways to find access to healthy foods. Help is all around you, and everyone in the building cares for you and your family.