Service Opportunities

Opportunities to serve God and our community are all around us. Yes, Saint Joe requires students to complete 20 hours of service each school year, but that is not the only reason we should all be helping our community!

The definition of community service is voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. One easy way to choose where to help out is to think about things you are passionate about. For example, if you love animals, volunteering at the humane society could be the perfect fit for you.

Saint Joe students beautifying South Bend on Joy of St. Joe Day!

The most accessible and common places for people to serve the community are feeder schools, Saint Joe activities, and parishes or churches. Within the school, joining and participating in activities held by clubs like Right to Life, H.O.P.E., and Aidan’s Masterpiece can be a great way to serve your community and meet service requirements.

If you are looking for service opportunities, check the canvas page labeled “Christian Service” or check the school website for previously approved locations. In order to log your hours, you must create a mobile serve account and write a brief description of your service and how you feel you bettered the world and the community by doing what you did. 

Why is service necessary and important to the Saint Joe community? Service to your neighbor is Christ-like and serves God’s plan for each and every one of us. This is why as students, we are all encouraged to take part in something that we are passionate about and be the change in our communities. 

For general questions and help with completing serve, contact Mr. Andrew Oross.