The Secrets to Not Get the Common Cold

The Secrets to Not Get the Common Cold

Grace Ryal, Staff Writer/ Reporter

With the common cold, making its way through Saint Joe’s halls, here are some of the best ways you can avoid getting the miserable cough and congestion. After being struck with the cold (twice) this year, I am here to help provide some pro tips on what to do, to stay healthy and happy.

First, wash your hands, a lot!! This should be common knowledge, after coming out of a global pandemic, but this is a first step to avoid germs and any sickness.

Second, eat your greens and take vitamin D. Eating spinach, kale, and all green vegetables supports a healthy immune system, which helps fight any sickness. Take your vitamins, because I know we could use them. Living in cold, cloudy Indiana, I can bet that we aren’t getting all the vitamins we need.

Third tip- get enough sleep. Sleep is so important and vital for everyone, especially teens, and it keeps us energized, healthy, and can help fight off sickness. Drink and eat things that are high in antioxidants, such as green tea, all kinds of berries, dark chocolate, and kale.

If you have unfortunately been victim of this cold, my apologizes, but remember to mask up, wash your hands, and don’t share anything that you ate from or drank from… The best remedies that have worked for me is Nyquil, hot tea, ginger shots, and all sorts of vitamins and supplements. Make sure to cough appropriately, like in your sleeve or arm, just make sure it is covered!