Kamala Harris: President for a Day


Dani Graham

On Friday November 19, 2021, history was made in the United States. Kamala Harris made history as the first woman and woman of color to be acting Commander and Chief of the United States of America. 


The 25th Amendment allows for the peaceful transfer of power temporarily from the president to the vice president in the event that the president is incapacitated or unable to act on their duties as commander and chief.

This Friday, the 25th Amendment to the constitution was evoked when President Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy procedure. The procedure required him to be unconscious under the influence of general anesthesia. 

Although George W Bush exercised the 25th Amendment twice in his two terms when he underwent surgical procedures, this is the first time power has been transferred to a woman. Not to mention, a mixed-race woman of color. 

Mr. AJ Reynolds, St. Joe’s AP Government/AP Economics teacher says, “This is an amazing moment for our nation.” The message this sends to women and people of color all over the country and the world, is that the world is changing and diversity is now the norm. 

The question is now, when a female is elected by the people as president, will she be addressed as the first female commander and chief of the United States? Harris has earned her place in history as the first female vice president, but should she have the title of the first female president on a technicality? 

It’s up to us, the youth, to decide!