Lainey Eder: Athletics Spotlight


Dani Graham

Sophomore Lainey Eder is a two sport athlete, participating in girls varsity soccer along with girls varsity basketball. She is a starter and an important piece of each team.

Eder is primarily a defender on the soccer field, and a shooting guard on the court. During soccer season, the girls let only a total of 6 goals get past the defense and into the goal throughout the entire regular season. Right now, girls basketball is off to a strong start at 4-1, with one loss to South Bend Marian this past Thursday. 

Eder commented on which sport she is stronger at – saying, “Probably soccer, just because I’ve been playing longer.” She has been playing soccer since she was 3 years old, and started to play basketball in fifth grade at St. Pius X middle school. 

When it comes to her role on each team, she calls herself a “facilitator” on the basketball court and a “lockdown defender” on both the soccer field and the basketball court. Her teammates describe her as “fun to be around and extremely supportive of our successes.”

Her advice to anyone intimidated by athletics as an underclassman, is to “have fun, work hard, and show your teammates and coaches dedication every single day.” As an underclassman, she looks up to the seniors on her team for guidance and encouragement. 

Lainey Eder plans on continuing to play basketball and soccer throughout the rest of her high school career. She has not decided whether she has aspirations to play either sport at the collegiate level.