Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Jane Lloyd, Reporter

While most families take the day of Thanksgiving to remember what they’re grateful for, gather round a table and indulge in food, mine choses to wake up at 6:30 each year to hustle over to the Niles Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trout. Year after year my family shows up to the contest to “win the family race”. Whether in shape or not, everyone has to participate in the annual 5k for the family title. 

Some key highlights include the pre-race zumba that we do as a warmup (we don’t actually run before), the vanilla wafers after the race and the chocolate mild pit stop at Martins that my dad usually finishes by the time we get home (sharing a ½ gallon carton). 

Family tradition states that my dad wears a full turkey hat while competing, while other members of the family sport feather headbands and other turkey themed items while running.  As many can generally tell, this race is not the fastest. 

I’ve been partaking in this family tradition since I could walk my first three miles. Even when I was younger, my mom would push me in a stroller so I could participate in this family event. Once I got old enough to understand my competitive edge, I refused to lose a family race. This year will mark my 12th at the Niles race, looking for my 7th family win (I let my dad take 5). 

No matter if it’s rain, sleet or snow, my family shows up to run this race. Tradition is tradition, and the Lloyd’s don’t joke when it comes to our 5k!