Study Tips To Use for Finals

Study Tips To Use for Finals

Bella Giles

Final exams are approaching and it is crucial to prepare by studying. Hopefully these tips help you to maybe focus and get some studying done to improve your grades. Some of those are on here:

Flash Cards- Take smaller pieces of paper and maybe say it is vocabulary, put the word on one side and put the definition on the other side. It is a helpful way to have them written out and ready for use. It also helps you stay a little bit more organized. You can also make them a little decorated and it can make it a little bit more interesting when you are studying. 

Notes in a notebook- Sometimes it can also just be helpful to just take regular notes in a nice notebook. You can write out all of the general ideas of the things in the textbook or in the teachers notes. When writing it all out, you can use different colors to mean different things like level of importance and different types of notes such as separating vocabulary. 

Quizlet- A quizlet study set is also a good way to study because it helps you develop by learning and practicing and making sure you are ready for that test. It also offers different ways of practicing by matching or many other things. It’s made for everyone because it has different things that people can do depending on what fits their needs. 

Hopefully all of this information helps you with your future tests and maybe even finals.