The Three Amigos: From Neighborhood Streets to Hockey Rinks


Theodore Mager, Staff Writer

The Saint Joe Hockey Team has had a strong season so far, and are hoping to finish out the season smoothly. The team prides itself in the chemistry and culture it has created. Leading the way for this are senior captains Charlie (Chuck) Eckrich, Hayden Hebard, Jack Plomin. The three share a special connection: they have been friends since childhood, and have grown up together. They met in preschool, where Hayden and Chuck had already become close, when Jack threw a shovel at them. Somehow this managed to bring the three of them together. From then on they hit it off. Chuck, when describing their adventures, said, “We would always be riding our bikes around the neighborhood as if we owned the place.” He went on to describe the trouble they caused hanging out.

Their current nickname, “The Three Amigos” was self-proclaimed, and they have referred to themselves as such ever since. When asked about how it has helped the team, Charlie said,”It’s awesome to see the three of us as the team captains now and it really brings back memories.We have a good sense of chemistry as leaders on the team and know how to work well with each other.”

This is a strength of the three of them, but also has brought the team together. Their chemistry carried over to their teammates, creating a sense of brotherhood, and has led them to more wins.  The Three Amigos are aiming to end their senior season with a tournament run, powered by their talent, but also their chemistry.