Inside a Star: Tri-Athlete Jack Tobolski

KJ Anderson

Jack Tobolski is currently a sophomore and rising star at Saint Joseph High School – a three-sport athlete in the fields of football, swimming, and lacrosse.

Commenting on football, Tobolski comments that  I have been playing since I was a kid and always been pretty good at and it has become a part of my life now.”

His current season – swimming is special because his dad is a coach on the team.  Tobolski plans to continue the sport throughout high school but does not know if he wants to continue in college. His spring sport of Lacrosse is his favorite, putting it simply “That is just my main sport.”

In the offseason, he joins two True Lacrosse teams (a club lacrosse system that teaches and develops men and women lacrosse into well-rounded players) as he is a part of True Illinois and True Northern Indiana team and goes through their circuit of game and training during the summer to improve his skills. The results speak for themselves as he was the only Freshman on St. Joe’s Varsity team and after a couple of games at the start of the season, he became the main faceoff guy on the team and later became a recipient of the All-State: All Class award for the Faceoff position.  “All-State: All Class as a Freshman was big to me because I missed the first couple games and then I came back and finished the season strong.”

In his free time, Tobolski listens to music, especially rap and country, and enjoys food with his favorite being Mexican food (Comida Mexicana). Tobolski gives props to his teammates, his coaches, and even the team managers.  He wants to go to college and play lacrosse at the next level. With his outgoing and funny personality in and outside of the classroom and on and off the field,   Jack Tobolski has a bright future ahead.