Mrs. Shakour Relentlessly Looking to Improve St. Joe

Mrs. Shakour keeps very busy at St. Joe as a teacher, Mock Trial proctor, and becoming an Administrator

Mrs. Shakour Relentlessly Looking to Improve St. Joe

Jack Quinn

Though she has only been at Saint Joe a few years, Mrs. Shakour makes a great impact on the community. From teaching one of the most rigorous classes offered here – namely, Physics –  to proctoring Mock Trial and even preparing to become an administrator, Shakour maintains a very busy schedule.

As a Physics teacher, Shakour spends countless hours preparing for how to teach her students the best way to learn an extremely difficult subject. While students were virtual, Shakour worked to keep the students interested and  the material lively in class – whether it was Fun Hat Day or some other way.  She explains that “Physics was my favorite subject in high school and in college. I think the concepts are really neat but it’s also a really difficult subject which challenges students.” 

Shakour finds a way to stay involved and interact with students outside the classroom by proctoring Mock Trial. For the paast three years, Shakour has challenged her students to be their best in Mock Trial motivating them to power through whatever difficult challenge approaches them. One reason she began coaching was that one of her best friends in the area was a coach for Mock Trial. And now that person is now her husband. In May 2021, Ms. Henderson became Mrs. Shakour, marrying Michael Shakour – s Saint Joe alum from the class of 2011. 

Recently, Mrs. Shakour has been training to become an administrator. Not only does she want to teach students, she wants to find the best ways to teach them.  “I love education so much and I think student learning is so important that I really want to help teachers become more effective teachers so that students can learn and achieve more.”

Ever busy, she has found a way to juggle her full schedule. She likes to plan out her weeks ahead of time to get ready for what is upcoming. though she “tries to work in some fun stuff because life is about balance.”