A Deep Dive into the Future of the Saint Joe Swim Team


Mary Appleton

The Saint Joe Swim Team has three freshmen rising to the top and will be the future of the team for the next three years. Grace Litzinger, Addyson Farmer, and Vivian Wheeler have all been swimming since age five which gives them about nine years of experience under their belts. Ltzinger’s father was a coach for the Notre Dame swim team and coached at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, which I am sure gives her tons of help and motivation to improve her swimming skills. 

The girls participate in a variety of different events including: 100 freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke, 200 freestyle relay, 500 freestyle  and many more. Farmer’s favorite event is the 500 freestyle,  and Litzinger likes the  100 breaststroke the most. Wheeler’s favorite is the 100 freestyle because it is her most challenging event. She is constantly trying to drop time on that event. 

They all love the team at Saint Joe, especially the environment that they have. “It was like I have known the team my entire life. We are really close,” exclaims Farmer.  Her favorite part of the team is how “super supportive and encouraging” they are. All three girls have been swimming in a club and when they were asked how it compared they all exclaimed that being on the Saint Joe swim team was so much better and they got so close with this team. 

As much as the girls love swimming it is still challenging and difficult to be a student athlete. They can all agree that the most difficult part of swimming is the dedication and perseverance that it takes. They often practice six days a week, sometimes even seven. They have to keep their bodies in a good strong condition to swim fast for long amounts of time and they have to keep getting stronger in order to beat their personal record times.  

Litzinger, Farmer and Wheeler all hope to make it to state with the Saint Joe team and build their friendships to last a lifetime. They certainly seem to have what it takes to improve our team. The future looks bright for Saint Joe swimming.