Sanaya Firestone: American Visions Nominee

“Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls”

Sanaya Firestone, a senior here at Saint Joe, has been nominated for the American Visions Nominee Award for her submission “Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls.”

Scholastic Art and Writing awards were recently announced and Saint Joe students have won over 120 awards. Many AP Art students, who have a specific vision for their portfolio, submitted their works to the show and were recognized for special awards, such as the American Visions Nominee and American Voices Nominee. These specific awards are given to artists whose works highlight social and cultural problems or movements. Contestants are judged off their originally, technical skill, and their emergence of personal voice or vision. The judges look for uniqueness and personal attributes to each work of art.

Sanaya Firestone’s work features famous singer, Harry Style, who has been featured on the cover of magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Variety. In his most recent cover with Vogue, he was styled in dresses and skirts, pushing the boundaries of gender and clothing. In the recent social movement of whether clothing has a gender, Styles chose to express and show his stance on the idea. This is what inspired her piece, with Harry Styles as the focal point, with outfits he has worn spread in the background. Featuring Styles motto and song title, “Treat People With Kindness”, seen on the yellow blazer in the left top corner. Sanaya’s focus is to express her concerns and beliefs through her art with hopes in spreading awareness and equality. All nominees for this award gets a $250 cash prize, and all award winners are eligible to earn a variety of scholarships. Firestone has been awarded Gold and Silver keys for her paintings and photography as well.