Art Club: Always Advancing Ahead


MacKenzie Schmeltz

Sketchbook club takes to cutting magazines for a unique collage.

MacKenzie Schmeltz

Art Club has taken a new approach to their after school activities. Now, they will be geared more towards sketchbook pieces, and working with different materials and prompts each meeting. 

The goal for the club is to extend beyond just crafts, but to create a strong array of works. This will be especially useful for prospective AP Art students, where it is necessary to have a solid collection in order to get into the class. 

The moderator, Mrs. Firestone, is enthusiastic about the potential mediums that will be used in the future. “We may be painting, we may be using cut paper…ink or marker or charcoal.” She has a wide variety of prompts prepared for the club to explore with the different materials in the coming months

For this first meeting of the sketchbook club, the group worked with magazine clippings. The prompt was to find interesting pieces, especially words, and collage them together. Some students found a few words, and then took to drawing to fill in the surrounding page. Others layered unique scraps for a brand new image. 

When addressing the sketchbook club, Mrs. Firestone encouraged members to “experiment with a lot of different mediums” and said, “you should try your best to be as creative as possible.” For her, “the goal is that each one looks different” and she really wants to see the students put themselves in their work and “make it personal.”

As always, all are welcome to join in the artsy fun. Feel free to bring your own sketchbook, or you could also borrow one from Mrs. Firestone. Art club meets a few Tuesdays a month. Listen to the morning announcements, or check with Mrs. Firestone for information on the next meeting.