How To Stay Motivated Towards the End of the Year


Photo: Luftphilia/Flickr

Peter Dolniak, Writer

Everyone knows and understands the feeling of being burnt out and being unmotivated towards doing any school work or sometimes even going to class. This can especially be seen or felt by most seniors which has led to the term “Senioritis” being coined.   This typical phenomenon occurs after students have already applied to or selected a college or future career path. The result is that students struggle to finish their final semester with full effort. These three tricks can help overcome senioritis and motivate everyone to do the work the mind might be telling one not to do.

#1. Make a list

This can be as simple as writing down in a planner or even something like a sticky note what needs to be done within the current day or the next. Just the act of recognizing what you have to do and putting it down somewhere physical will make it easier to remember and marking off what you have to do keeps you on pace

#2. Have someone keep you on pace

This can be as simple as telling a parent or friend or sibling that you need to get something done and asking them to check in on you every so often to make sure you are on pace.

#3. Focus on the present

Keeping your mind on the now will keep you both from feeling the weight of any looming future but also keep your mind on whats most important in the near future. Focus on classes or assignments you have in the next day or two rather than a project that a teacher has yet to announce or a test without a date yet.

Though these seem like common ideas it hopefully will help you maybe in just the slightest way make it easier to finish off the school year strong.