Saint Joe Hockey Superfan


Chuck Eckrich

Dogs and Hockey? When attending a hockey game at the ice box, the odds are high of seeing the Hockey team’s super fan. No ordinary fan, it is actually a dog.

Mojo Eckrich can be spotted at the Ice Box from time to time being carried around in a purse. Mojo is only two months old, so she is still easy to transport. There amidst the Saint Joe section at the ice box, among the enthusiastic and rowdy parents, Mojo makes her way through the crowd. Mojo has been spotted at games against Lakeshore Saint Joe as well as Penn and many more.

While Mojo actually has no way of cheering, her eyes are always on the ice, following the players as they fly by at high speeds. Mojo even lets out an occasional yelp from time to time to show her support. So far Mojo has been a good luck charm for the Saint Joe icers, in fact the boys have not lost a game yet. Mojo’s favorite part about going to the game is actually distracting some of the parents from the actual game.

In other words, come out and support the boys as the season starts to come to a close. The boys need all the support they can get and if you show up, there’s a chance that you might see the SJ Hockey Super fan, cheering with barks from the stands.