Movie Review: Five Feet Apart


Catalina Suarez

Over the weekend I watched the movie “Five Feet Apart,” released in 2018 and directed by Justin Baldoni.

In the movie, a pair of teenagers, Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) both have cystic fibrosis (CF) and meet in the hospital and fall in love.

Tragically, the two are not allowed to be together because their disease has them kept six feet apart from other CF patients in order to avoid infections or possibly death. Stella’s nurse, Barbara, does not want them to be together because she has seen two CF patients die from cross-contamination, and she does not want to see this happen to two patients that she loves.

Avoiding Barbara, Stella and Will go on their first date, trying their best to keep at least six feet apart, and ultimately end up rushing back to their rooms to avoid being caught.

The movie continues to grow Will and Stellas relationship, but after multiple unfortunate incidents and an unavoidable fate, the two end up having to make a big decision. I won’t give any spoilers, so you’ll have to find out for yourself what happens to Will and Stella!

I thought the movie did a great job of showing how tragic and painful love can be, especially when both of the people involved have a chronic illness. The directors did a good job at showing an impossible and tragic situation turned into something beautiful and that gives both characters a reason to live.

The movie gave me a greater perspective on how fortunate I am to not have to worry about spreading deadly something to the people I love. Personally, I think that every person should see this movie at least once to know that there are people who can find joy and love even in the worst part of their lives.

Overall, I give the movie an 8/10 and even though it has been a few years since it came out, I hope that there is a second movie or at least something showing what happens the rest of Will and Stella’s lives.