Encanto: Is It Worth the Watch? (no spoilers)

Taryn Turchi, Staff Writer

Encanto is a movie set in Columbia about a magical family. The Madrigals own a special candle that gives every family member powers. The house that they live in is also enchanted, and each family member’s bedroom is adapted to their specific gifts. Everyone in the family has a gift except Mirabel Madrigal ( voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). With no gift, Mirabel tries her best to fit in among a wonderful magical family. When her magical house and family start to lose their powers, Mirabel finds out from a vision from her eccentric uncle Bruno (voiced by John Leguizamo) that she has the power to save (or destroy) her family.  

Animation: The movie is very colorful. The costumes are very detailed, and the characters are animated in the “modern Disney Princess” style animation. The animated choreography is great, and the best animation in a song goes to Surface Pressure. Score: 10/10

Music: Lin Manuel Miranda. Need I say more? Score: 10/10

Characters: There is a very diverse range of characters, and they went through struggles with their powers throughout the movie. This is great because while the characters’ powers might not be realistic, their identity struggles make them relatable and more dimensional. There is no specific villain, which makes this Disney movie different from most. Score: 10/10 

Emotional Damage: Common to other Disney movies, there are jokes for people of all ages. However, it did not make me cry like I usually do during newer Disney movies. Score: 8/10

Overall: 9/10 only because Mirabel should have gained powers at the end. Even if it was “the power of family” or some other stereotypical feel-good thing, it would have made the ending much more satisfying. 

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