Is War Looming in Ukraine?


Peter Dolniak, Writer

Over the past few weeks the world has been watching in nervous anticipation over the possibility of the biggest war in Europe since World War II. Russian troops have been building up in the estimated hundreds of thousands on the Ukrainian boarder and the consensus among the world powers that they are there for the purpose of invasion.

Here are the facts. This conflict seems to be a continuation of the low-intensity conflict between Russia and Ukraine which has been ongoing since 2014 when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and supported separatist rebels in Ukraine’s eastern regions. Though the reasons for this specific confrontation seem to be in contest. Officially, Russian President Putin has claimed that the troop build up and invasion scare is in protest of NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) possible inclusion of Ukraine as a member which would add to Russia’s growing fears of being surrounded by nations backed by the anti-Russia military alliance. Other world leaders and analysts seem to think this is centers on Russia’s transport of natural gas to the rest of Europe. With so many pipes running through Ukraine, many speculate this gives Russia reason to want to secure them. Whatever the reason, the situation is clear that a full or partial invasion of Ukraine may be immminent.

Ukraine’s increased ties to Europe and the United States have pulled NATO and America into the middle of this conflict. Many nations have responded in different ways both militarily and economically. The United Kingdom and Canada have sent both weapons and troops to Ukraine, while Baltic and other European countries have sent weapons and supplies. Additionally, NATO has mobilized a naval force that includes a U.S. aircraft carrier on its way towards the Black Sea and Ukraine’s coast. Finally, the United States and NATO have threatened ‘never before seen sanctions’ to Russia if any fighting breaks out.

So will full scale war break out? Maybe, there seems to be signs that both this might be solved bloodlessly or by war. On one hand the US and NATO members have sent diplomats to meet with Russian representatives to push for a de-escalation of tensions.  However, as of writing this article, the talks have seemingly stalled. On the other hand it could be possible Russia will invade despite any warnings or olive branches of peace talks. President Biden has made it known publicly that an invasion of Ukraine may be imminent by mid-February and has asked families of US diplomats in Ukraine to evacuate the country.

The only thing left to do is to wait and see what becomes of the situation.