March Touches Lives


Alivia Wilson

On Friday, January 21 some Saint Joe students went to Washington DC to march in the March for Life. The trip consisted of going to Saint Peter’s Church located on Capitol Hill and having a mass with the whole diocese. After the mass they went on the march which started at Capitol Hill and concluded at the Supreme Court. Once the march ended they went to Saint James the Greater Catholic Church where they had dinner, participated in holy hour and confession, and spent the night. The next day they visited the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and celebrated mass again before they left. Once leaving Washington DC they went to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Ohio, and celebrated a vigil mass before returning to South Bend.

Junior Billy Mattison took part in his first March for Life. His favorite parts were going and supporting the cause, and being able to experience something so unusual. He also thought it was cool to see everyone there supporting each other and the right for life. When Mattison was asked what the most meaningful part of the trip was he said, he could not pick just one thing. but did not hesitate to share, “Yes, I would go again!”

Maddie Gentry went her freshman year and now again her junior year. Gentry said her favorite part about the trip was being able to participate in the march with her friends. Gentry believed that the most meaningful part of the trip for her was seeing how many people participated in the march for the people who don’t have a voice. Gentry shared, “I would definitely go on the march again my senior year, and hopefully more in the future.”

 Taking part in her first march, Kathleen Zmyslo enjoyed being able to participate in the March for Life and stand up for the unborn and voiceless, while also having fun on the bus rides and other parts of the trip with friends. Zmyslo reflected on the experience, “It was amazing to see all of the people who peacefully gathered together for the same cause to fight for the right of life for unborn children.” 

From all of these students’ responses it sounds like a great learning experience, and a lot of fun. One thing they all said was that they recommend every Saint Joe student to go to the March for Life and experience it for themselves!