Tips to Maximize E-Learning free time

Tips to Maximize E-Learning free time

Mary J Appleton

Get up early and do your check ins as soon as possible!! 

DO NOT SLEEP IN, the worst thing to do is to be marked absent for something as silly as sleeping through noon. Plus sleeping until noon is missing half the day, get up earlier so that there is time to do the check-ins and more time to do work.

Take note of the work that you have to do in each class 

While doing each check in check the modules to see the work that is assigned for the day, make a mental note or even an actual note in a planner on what it is and when to get it done, try to get it done sooner than later

Minimize procrastination to maximize free time

Before going to netflix to watch some euphoria or scrolling on TikTok all day get the work done and out of the way, power through the lessons and worksheets. It will feel like there is more time in the day if the homework is done. Then it will not stop all the fun that a “snow day” has. 

Breaks are good

Do not be afraid to take a break between classes. Do not stress out by trying to do all the work at once. Grab a snack, take a walk, or read a book for a bit, but always keep the breaks short and return to work soon. 5-15 minute breaks are perfect to rest for a second but then start working again.