A Look Ahead: Better Call Saul Season 6 **SPOILERS**


Joseph McGuire

Buckle up Breaking Bad fans, season six of ‘Better Call Saul’ is just around the corner. While this is great news for many, it is unfortunate for the viewers on Netflix who have not yet got to watch season five. If you have not completed season five, I would recommend waiting until it is released to read the rest of this article.

Season five ended with all the main characters remaining alive, which includes Saul, Kim, Nacho, Lalo, Gus and Mike. At the end of season five, Gus’s assassination attempt of Lalo Salamanca fails and now the Salamanca drug leader is somewhere out there, waiting to strike. Many people speculate that season six has to be his last, since he does not appear in Breaking Bad.

Let’s shift focus to our main protagonist, Saul Goodman. What fans want to see is the series tied to Breaking Bad, in which we possibly see Walter White again. In this scenario we would get a conclusive ending on what happens to him after he flees and entirely changes his identity. However, they would need to condense four years into one season to do this.

Finally, the big question is what will end up happening to Kimberly Wexler, Saul’s love. We know that she does not appear in Breaking Bad, but she is a central figure to Saul’s life. This means she either dies or goes into hiding by the end of the season. There is some speculation that she flees to Omaha, where Saul eventually flees. Personally, I do not believe that she will die. I think she is alive and in hiding during the Breaking Bad years.

Whatever ends up happening in season six, it is sure to be full of excitement and unexpected twists. So get ready fans of the Vince Gilligan universe, the fun is just beginning.