A peek under the mask of “The Batman” movie

A peek under the mask of The Batman movie

Mary J Appleton

Friday March, 4 DC released a new Batman movie, The Batman. Overall this new movie had everything that a good superhero movie needs to be a good movie. It had a wickedly mind twisting, and stomach-turning villain, who kept us on the edge of our seats the whole three hours. It also consisted of many epic hero fights, and even an exhilarating car chase. The heroes were strong and had a good drive to beat their opponent The Riddler.  

The most defining feature for this new adaptation of this classic hero was the cast for The Batman. Twilight star Robert Pattinson shocked the public by landing the leading role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Many people were worried that he would not be able to play the role well enough and it would ruin the movie. However, his incredible acting abilities were a pleasant surprise, and took the movie to the next level. Pattinson did a spectacular job portraying the wealthy and distraught Bruce Wayne, as well as the strong, powerful and driven Batman. His performance was captivating and even tear-jerking at times. 

All the other casting was amazing, as well. Zoë Kravitz was a spectacular Cat Woman with sass and sneakiness. The on screen chemistry between her and her Batman, Pattinson, was powerful and captivating. Paul Dano played that wicked Villain with an interesting motivation and plan to get his agenda across. He turned to social media to gain a group of supporters and scare the police force and the Batman. The Riddlers starting thoughts about the leaders of our world were very relatable to people today, and many people may feel the same way. Although he happened to be a serial killer and a psychopath. 

The Batman is out now in theaters and is a movie worth seeing. Be sure to grab some friends or family and enjoy this psychological thriller.