What Do You Remember from 2010’s ?

What Do You Remember from 2010s ?

Lupe Ramirez

What do YOU remember from the 2010’s? A few people at Saint Joe answered this nostalgic question.

Karsen Meiszberg – The first thing that came to Karsen’s mind was music. Iconic singers such as Usher, Pitbull and Flo Rida. The 2010’s was full of jam sessions and loud car rides for Karsen.

Felicity Nolan – The 2010’s was filled with childhood memories for Felicity! Just Dance competitions in her living room, followed by playdates with her American Girl Dolls. Though it doesn’t end there no…Felicity will never forget the importance that Bop-It discs and Build-A-Bears had on her life too.

Mayah Petty & Braiona Woods – These girls remembered a major game changer for teens…Instagram! Of course everyone remembers their first post. However, they didn’t forget iconic moments in the music industry. Such as the head bopping song “California Girls” by Katy Perry!

Jack Andrew – The first thing that came to Jacks mind were his childhood days of singing his heart out to a good old fashioned Bruno Mars song. But that’s not all! No no, he didn’t forget those unforgettable movie nights…binge watching the Fast and Furious movies along with the timeless Harry Potter movies.

Julian Kamanda – Julian dug deep in his childhood memories and remembered everyone favorite bracelet, Animal Rubber Band bracelets. He also took note of what was happening in the economy during his childhood. Obama was elected during this decade, this historical moment was one that no one will ever forget.

John Noak – Music seemed to be on the top of everyones minds in the 2010. John Noak remembers that Justin Bieber was climbing the charts while he was sitting at home with his old apple chord headphones listening and enjoying 2010 music.

Carson Collins – Right away there was one thing that stood out to Carson from the 2010’s. Disney Shows. Kept it short but sweet.

Bryant Bogunia – Bryant also had historical moments pinned in his 2010 memories, like when Trump became president. Though that’s not all, no one, especially Bryant, will ever forget when Cubs won the World Series! Everyone will always remember this monumental moment for baseball.

The real question is, what can compare to the 2010’s?