St Joe Girls Lacrosse


Coach Julie Stangebye

Girls lacrosse team after playing Culver at Cuvler

The St. Joe Girls Lacrosse team season is coming up. They have been working hard during practices for their upcoming games this weekend in Indy and Munster. On Monday, March 14th, an interview with the team captains and coaches occurred to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the upcoming season, goals for the team and what they’ve done to prepare. Team Captains are Ella Lindzy, Colette Taylor and Paige Harding. The Coaching staff consists of Head Coach Katie Neeser, Assistant Coach Kate Kelly and Assistant Coach Natalia Catanzarite.

The First Questions asked to the coaches and captains was How did they think the season would go and how they planned to lead their team into the season. Coach Katie has highly emphasized how fresh they’re starting the season with a fresh team with new people.  “ I think we’re going to have a great season”, Coach Katie said. She says she’s impressed with the concentration and level of dedication and hard work that comes from these girls. She’s excited for the upcoming games in Indy and Munster. The Coaching staff as a whole is really pumped for the games in Indy and Munster and to see how they come together and play during a game situation. I also asked the captains, Colette Taylor, Ella Lindzy and Paige Harding, how they plan to lead the team into the season.  The Captains collectively agreed that bonds on the team is what makes the team stronger. Captain Paige Harding emphasizes this, “Making sure we have some nice strong bonds that will reciprocate onto the field”. Captain Colette Taylor stresses that communication is important throughout the game and “ keeping up positivity and everyone’s emotions during the game”. Together they plan to create a nice, fun environment for the team through team bonding, learning from each other and having fun while doing it.

I continued to talk to the coaches about how they are preparing for the season. Due to having many new players, they plan to focus and work on the basics in order to improve. The coaches hope to build on the athlete’s athleticism, their experience with lacrosse and talent. They value major focus throughout practice and hope to accomplish their goals throughout the season. The goals the coaches hope to achieve are to win their games, help build a great foundation for the St Joe Girls Lacrosse program and hopefully gain more girls to join next year, and build bonds in the team. The coaches and team captains really elaborate on the importance of team bonds and really building friendships within the team. They really hope to achieve this for their upcoming games in Munster and Indy this weekend.

I asked the Captains how they think the games in Munster and Indy are going to go and they all said that this will give them an idea on how the season is going to go and show how the team works as a unit against different kinds of teams. Captain Paige Harding states,“ I definitely think they’re going  to be some tough games to play but we can always use them as a learning experience.” The girls are motivated and ready to lead their team for their games in Indy. “Show up everyday not for yourself but for your teammates because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t beat hard work”, states Coach Katie , encouraging her players to give it their all during practice and at games.

Please come out and support the girls lacrosse team for their first home  game on March 22nd at St Joe! Good luck on your upcoming season ladies!


“Show up everyday not for yourself but for your teammates because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t beat hard work” ”

— Coach Katie Nesser