March’s Community Award Winners: Martha Cleary and Keelan Nguyen


Mary Appleton

This month of March community award winners were the amazing Martha Cleary and Keelan Nguyen. Both Cleary and Nguyen have had major roles in the theater department over the course of their four years here at Saint Joseph High School. 

Nguyen stayed behind the senses in the set crew. He spends his play season building and painting sets and then on show nights he gets to call the shows as the plays left assistant stage manager. He was unexpectedly pushed into the role his sophomore year and even on a short notice managed to call a perfect show. The performers need him because he controls the sets and the scene changes and the lights and the queues for the music. Without Nguyen there would be no show, he keeps the show going. 

Martha Cleary prefers to spend her time in the spotlight, and she clearly deserves it. This last production by the Saint Joseph Theater department of Hello Dolly, was a smash because Cleary played Dolly. She brought Dolly’s spunky mischievous and tricky personality to life. Her acting skills brought the audience to a whole new world while her singing gave everyone chills and butterflies. While most people may not even think twice about it, the whole Saint Joe community recognizes the enormous effort that she put into this show to make it a great show. Cleary made tons of sacrifices and put in extra hours into the work of memorization and skill training that it takes to be the lead in a musical. She managed to do all of that work with a smile on her face. She is truly an inspiration to all other actors in the Saint Joseph theater department. 

It is obvious that after all the work that these two seniors have put forward that they are worthy and deserving of this award. Their example will make way for many amazing shows yet to come. However the theater department will miss their talent and amazing endurance. The whole Saint Joseph High School community was happy to celebrate them and their awesome work.