UK’s First Retirement Home for Bees

UKs First Retirement Home for Bees

Chuck Eckrich, Staff Writer

Its crazy isn’t it? A retirement home for bees, who would’ve thought? While it might sound outlandish, its true. Flying Flowers is a UK flower delivery company created a sanctuary by the name of Honeysuckle Bee-tirement, a retirement home for bees. This is a sanctuary for bees, which is an area filled with flowers and plenty of pollen and sugar fountains. One attraction that will surprise you is the miniature arm chairs. The goal of this endeavor is to spread awareness for bees. The population of bees is starting to dwindle, and with the Honeysuckle Bee-tirement, hopes are high to spread awareness for the bee population and the creation of similar sanctuaries.

Flying Flowers has created a select area with multiple retirement home-like attractions. There is even a miniature house for bees, filled with mini chairs, “pollen stories”, and little bee rooms. Surrounded by flowers such as Abelias, Cosmos, and Snowdrops, the bees from around the area seek sanctuary here. Protected from the rest of the world, they can enjoy a laid back lifestyle. In the entire area, they refrain from using pesticides in order to protect the health of the bees. Flying Flowers is attempting to start a nation-wide movement in order to protect our declining bee population, calling for people to do what they can. Something we can do on an individual aspect is plant flowers around our houses, refrain use of pesticides, create sugar water fountains or bowls, or even go as far as to create a miniature bee hotel.