Beach House Concert Review


Felicity Nolan, Writer

Beach House has kicked off the tour of their new Album Once Twice Melody.

Beach House is a Baltimore-based band that is revolutionizing the genre of Dream Pop. The haunting music has a hazy effect, mimicking its predecessors of Psychedelia and Shoegaze. 

The concert was a hypnotizing experience. The electric music, haunting vocals, and glimmering light production engulfed one into another world, a world of dreams, perhaps. The duo performed primarily from their Once Twice Melody album but also incorporated many other songs from previous albums, dating back as early as 2006. This mix of the old and new brought on a sense of excitement combined with nostalgia. 

The entire experience was extremely emotional, as it was obvious that Victoria Legrand meant every word she sang,  and Alex Scally strummed every melody with passion. Every single person in the theater was in a sort of drunken haze, inebriated by none other than the powerful music blessing their ears and encasing them in its warm, mysterious mantle.  

Beach House utilizes a mix of complex chord progressions and simple, beautiful melodies. This creates an effect of beauty and mystery, heavily impressing its mystified listener. They also are extremely experimental with instruments and sounds, for they use an endless amount of keyboard settings, guitar verberations, percussion, and quality of sound. This allows for each song to be quite different from the rest, although unfailingly sticking to the signature style of Beach House Dream Pop. 

This complex artform kept everyone engaged for the entire two hour show. Not one person got distracted from the hypnotizing glow of the entire performance. It was an entirely ethereal experience, extra-terrestrial and enigmatic in nature. The mystical effect of the performance of Beach House is striking and inexplicable. The show as a whole deserves a five star rating. No one would regret this exhilarating experience.