The History of the Easter Bunny


Mary Miller, writter

Quick Disclaimer- This article discusses/ reveals the existence of the Easter Bunny- reader discretion is advised, Thank you


The easter bunny is a friendly little guy who comes every Easter, but where did he come from? The bunny originated in America from German immigrants in the 1700s. The bunny was originally a christian symbol, and believed to originate specifically from ancient pagan tradition. The bunny symbolizes new life because rabbits are known as a symbol of fertility. Eggs are also a symbol of fertility, and it has been a tradition to decorate them for quite some time, since the 13th century. Way back then the pagans decorated the eggs to celebrate because it was a forbidden food during lent. The easter egg has a very interesting history behind the way they have been decorated and the meanings of different decorations. Here in America we dip out eggs in dyed vinegar and call it a day, but in the past easter egg decorating was no joke. Ukraine for example is a county that is awesome at this, with competitions held all around in Ukraine for best easter egg. They decorate by using layers, and with every layer they add wax to areas they want to stay the same, it is called the batik method.

  When the easter bunny legend first came to America, instead of baskets, nests were used, and there also was not quite the phenomenon with all the chocolate and jelly beans either. It was believed that the bunny was actually the one laying these colored eggs, and kids would leave carrots in their nests in case the bunny got hungry. Over time it spread across America and modernized to the holiday it is today. Since its origin, it has become a more secular holiday, and of course like any other holiday it has become a big event for consumerism. Personally, I was terrified by the easter bunny as a youngling, because the idea that a real bunny was in my house and carrying baskets for my brothers and I was really eerie to me. To be honest this is even weirder, the idea that the bunny laid colored eggs? Well, that is the history of the beloved fluffy easter bunny.