Indians tackle Golden Eagles


Chuck Eckrich

This past Friday, the Boy’s Lacrosse team took on defending state champs Guerin Catholic. The team has a huge rivalry with Guerin, since they fell to them in the State Championship last year. The game was close last year, with the score bouncing back and forth between teams, but in the end, the Indians fell short by one goal.

Using this as fuel, the boys took on the Golden Eagles on Friday with a heart of revenge. Having a slow start to the game, the Indians started off from behind. The boys then began to gain momentum and catch up to the Eagles, tying the game. The atmosphere was electric, with parents in the stands going wild as well as bench celebrations. The boys on the bench were going wild, screams could be heard several blocks over. The boys did many group celebrations including; the rowboat, human bowling, bench pressing, and several more. The Guerin team began to feel intimidated by the Indians and their energy, the Indians came out flying after the first half, racking up goals. The final score was 11-13, Indians with the victory. Standouts of the game were offensive players; Flynn Leonard, Jack Tobolski, Jack Plomin, Joe Saratore, Antonio Morrell, and Zach Yergler. The offense was on fire this game, scoring one after the other. The Indians fell a little behind on a defensive aspect, more than usual, but they still held the victory under their belt.

The boys have high hopes for the rest of the season, recently just tackling Northride, winning by 12. Thursday the boys take on the Marian Knights for the Holy War at Marian.