The right to win the Gold Key


Mary J Appleton

Samuel Thomas recently won a gold medal for a humor piece that earned him a National gold medal. The title of this award winning piece was :How to Become a Successful Writer in One Hour.” 

It took a hilarious and genius look at the writing process and a common struggle that we all deal with…procrastination. He likes to write stories that are pretty humorous because he wants to make people laugh, so his works reflect that yearning. Thomas found the inspiration for this piece, “in [his] life and what was happening to [him] at the time.” He claims that “most things [he] write have some sort of relation to [his] life.” This writing style makes his writing easier to connect with and relate too. Since we all experience the same things we can all commune with procrastination and finding ways to solve it.

Out of all the many steps and effort that it takes to write something, Thomas’ favorite part is, “at the end when [he’s] finished the writing and just need to edit the work to make it the best it possibly can be. Refining and perfecting the writing is what is most satisfying.” He likes to take a look at his work and correct it and make changes. The fact that this is his favorite part shows that he is a great writer because he works on his writings and goes back to improve them again and again. He loves to “make it the best it possibly can be.”

It is very clear from this genius writing strategy that Smauel Thomas deserves this award.