New Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Cary Germann

Brian Gring, Staff Writer

The Saint Joseph High School foreign language department has welcomed a new member this academic year. Mrs. Cary Germann has joined the ever growing and changing St. Joe family as the new German teacher. Yes, her last name is Germann and she teaches Germann, you heard it right.

Mrs. Germann (or Frau Germann as it would be said in class) is fairly new to teaching. She taught 3 college courses at the University of Notre Dame, but this is her first time teaching high school. Frau Germann started learning German when she was in the 8th grade. Initially, she took German because of her German ancestry. When questioned further, Frau admitted that she took the language in order to follow in her older brother’s footsteps, who she looked highly upon as a child.

When it comes to education and travel experience, Frau Germann has it covered. She has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in German. That’s right, two bachelors degrees. Germann spent 4 years in Japan as an international high school student and 2 years in Spain, where she learned Spanish and completed her engineering degree. She spent 2 years in Switzerland when her husband worked there and of course, she has spent time in Germany. Frau Germann spent was an exchange student in Germany for a year and spent 6 months there after her wedding.

Outside of school, Frau Germann enjoys the simple things in life, especially walking her two dogs and watching her kids play soccer. Welcome to St. Joe Frau German!