PLTW: The Unveiling of Anna Garcia


Miriam Rios

Have you caught sight of the “crime scene” underneath the stairs in the freshman hallway? Well, this last week, the students in Project Lead the Way’s Biomedical Sciences witnessed the unveiling of the main source of their studies this year: the body of Anna Garcia. Throughout the year, the freshmen students currently taking the Principles of Biomedical Sciences (PBS) will be investigating different elements of Anna’s death with data and evidence that can be found at the crime scene. This curriculum allows for a more hands-on experience with real-world scientific happenings.

Like a real crime scene, students will “Anna-lyze” all the aspects and details that are involved with a crime scene, including causes of death, possible motives, suspects, and other evidence that can be found surrounding her history.

Freshman students commented that they are “excited to learn about the details that pertain to the case of Anna Garcia, while also discovering how to use these skills in real-world situations”.

All elements of the crime scene are fake, so don’t be alarmed upon seeing them. There is a fake body, fake syringes, fake vomit, and so on. Also, please refrain from entering the crime scene or especially messing with pieces of it. Tampering with evidence can have massively negative impacts on the year-long investigation! Cameras will be placed in the vicinity, so please don’t enter or throw any trash into the crime scene.

Although only PBS students are allowed into the official investigation of Anna Garcia, everyone is welcome to view the crime scene from the outside and create their own ideas about the case. “Feel free to look at the crime scene and put your best CSI hat on!” suggests Mrs. Gergely, teacher of PLTW PBS.