Teacher Feature: Mr. Ben Przybylski

Meet Saint Joe alum and new music teacher Mr. P!


Braedon Troy

Mr. Przybylski conducts his enthusiastic students during a morning band class.

Braedon Troy, Staff Writer

If you’ve made your way down the band hallway early this year, you may have noticed the (wood)winds of change blowing through. That would be a result of the new occupant of room 250–the always excited and energetic Mr. Ben Przybylski. Yet who exactly is the new band director, and what are his plans for the many musical gifts at 453 North Notre Dame Avenue? Let’s find out.

A few years ago, Mr. Przybylski, or Mr. P as he’s popularly known, was just like one of us–a student at Saint Joseph High School. Taking part in a number of activities, Mr. P looks fondly back on his time as a student. But he’ll be the first to tell you that one of the key experiences at the school was his involvement in the marching band. “Obviously, I was a band kid,” he quips. “I was always in the band room and playing music and all that stuff.” Now, of course, he’s on the other side of the conductor’s stand, hoping to instill a similar love for music in his students.

One of the more interesting things about Mr. Przybylski is that the classes he’s teaching this year–band, musical theatre, piano–are all a part of his first ever year teaching full time. Ask him how that exactly is going, however, and you’ll quickly see his passion for his students reveal itself. When asked what his favorite part of teaching was, Mr. P quickly began to speak energetically about his students, and his excitement for getting them to learn. He states that “helping students realize their passion for music and the journey that they take from start to end” are all components of his favorite part of the job. Mr. Przybylski also expressed great enthusiasm for simply teaching new things to all kinds of students, particularly members of the marching band who are quite excited to learn new music.

When Mr. Przybylski isn’t teaching the ways of music to Saint Joseph High school, you may find him partaking in a number of interesting hobbies, but none so more than the art of solving the humble Rubik’s Cube. Yes, Mr. Przybylski, in addition to being quite musically talented, can solve a Rubik’s cube at incredibly fast speeds. Ever since he learned the talent from a cousin and memorized its puzzling ways, he’s been able to craft the familiar contraption into the completed cube with ease. Although he’s a bit rusty (his words, not the author’s!) from his record sub-minute time, he’s still able to wow most of us average folk with his quickness. 

Altogether, Mr. Przybylski is already fitting right into the Saint Joe community once more. And although his name may be a bit hard to pronounce (its “purr-bill-ski” or “shi-bul-ski”), he certainly is on track to be a beloved member of the school family for quite some time to come. Welcome back to Saint Joe, Mr P!