Is the new iPhone worth it?


Image credit: Apple (via YouTube)

Seth Badics

Apple’s done it again. With the release of the iPhone 14, more and more people may consider switching phones. But is it worth doing, or has the company just released the same phone again and again?

First of all, the iPhone 13 has been discounted with the new release. If saving money is the goal, it would be better to get the last model. Both devices look near identical, but the latest model has some new features. These include: a bigger main camera sensor, a crash detector and satellite SOS, and a more powerful version of the A15 Bionic chipset. If these features aren’t that important to you, the 13 is still the winner, but the ability for an emergency call even when a cellular connection is not available is a big plus for the 14.

However, the iPhone 14 does have a flaw. Apple has removed the SIM tray on the iPhone 14 models, so if you want a SIM card tray, the 13 might still be the better model for you. The 14 does have more battery life however, with a bit more than an hour extra plus the time of the 13. The cameras, additionally, are improved, and the video-taking methods have additionally received an upgrade, with a new “Action” mode designed to take better stabilized videos on the go.

Although, in conclusion, the latest model does not seem like a major upgrade from the 13, but if the new features are enticing to you (and you have the money to splurge), feel free to try it out.