Queen Elizabeth and Her Everlasting Legacy


Lucia Williams, Reporter

On Thursday, September 8th, just after 4th period, many people in the halls of St Joe began to exclaim the shocking news that Queen Elizabeth II had died.

Queen Elizabeth passed peacefully on the afternoon of September 8th, 2022, after ruling for longer than any other British monarch in history. Her reign lasted for a shocking 70 years and 214 days, stretching through many decades and significant shifts of events throughout the world. She was greatly revered by the British people and held the widespread respect of people all over the world for the determination and strength she displayed while in power, especially being a young female monarch in a time when females in power were largely prejudiced against.

Thanks to her reign, countless lives were touched and improved in England as a result of the work she did with the 15 UK Prime Ministers who held power and served under her during her ruling. She is a symbol of grace and dignity to her people and will be greatly missed.

In addition to the service she did, she was widely known as a charismatic and interesting woman. Her multifaceted personality and variety of interests shaped her life to be one filled with adventure and opportunity. She is the only woman who is allowed to drive without a license. She also was gifted many exotic animals in her life (an elephant, a jaguar, 2 sloths,) and is known for having a love for all animals. She also had a hilarious sense of humor when with her closest acquaintances, and even went undercover as a civilian when on vacation on multiple occasions.

The queen was truly an iconic figure of history and modern times, and the impact she had on the world and all of the people of the UK for the past 70 years is a truly amazing feat.