Tis a Theatre Article I Writeth

A bit of insight into our theatre department’s upcoming Fall performance.


Margaux Hannewyk, Staff Reporter

The fall theatre season kicks off like a dream, and our actors, crew, and directors are very excited to put on a bonafide Shakespeare work!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a comedy that was written in 1595-96, and is one of Shakespeare’s most influential works. The story is set in Athens, and consists of several subplots that revolve around the marriage of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta.

One subplot tells of four lovers, Lysander (played by Joey Harshman), Hermia (Miriam Rios), Demetrius (Braedon Troy), and Helena (Margaux Hannewyk) in a complicated love square that will involve heaps of true and untrue proclamations of love, and lots of insults jabbing at someone’s height.

Meanwhile during that mess, some rude mechanicals get together to perform a play for the newlyweds that’s so bad it’s good! Among these mechanicals include seasoned junior actor, Elliot Mark, as Nick Bottom, whose humor is as vast as his ego (which is very big).

The rehearsals, taking place in Mr. Reynold’s classroom after school, have been running smoother than the course of true love (which never did run smooth, so that’s kind of a low bar…). The students from the cast and crew have been hard at work, the first three rehearsals lasting for two whole hours! Everyone’s dedicated to putting on a show for the ages.

Come see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Washington Hall on Thursday, October 20 or Friday, October 21. Watch as bright things come to confusion!