Remembering 9/11


Mitchell Kazmierzak

The tragedy of 9/11 happened twenty years ago on September 11, 2001 –   a terror attack on the United States of America never to be forgotten.

At 8:46am, the North Twin Tower in New York City was hit by Flight 11 with 87 people on board. Terrorists had hacked into the cockpit of the flight and had targeted the World Trade Center. Next, at 9:03am the South Twin Tower in New York City was hit by Flight 175 with 60 people on board, again another act of Terrorists. Two more attacks happened in Virginia and Pennsylvania. One of these included flight 77 which had 59 people on board crashing into the Pentagon at 9:37am. Thousands watched as the South World Trade Center collapsed at 9:59am killing those inside and in surrounding areas.

While the south tower was collapsing, another flight, Flight 93, had forty people on board crashing into a field at 10:03am. The brave individuals on this plane will always be remembered for the way they took initiative to stop the hijackers from crashing the plane into another significant, people-filled landmark. Finally, at 10:28am the North tower collapsed and killed more than 1600 individuals. In a span of an hour and forty three minutes, everyone living in America had their lives changed from that moment on. On that date nearly 3,000 individuals lost their lives. More and more individuals are still dying everyday from what happened on that tragic day due to smoke inhalation from the events.

21 years later we as a community of the United Sates of America and people around the world remember 9/11 every year. We are reminded of what happened that day and to “Never Forget.” Many people still remember that day vividly. In New York City there is a 9/11 Memorial Museum that invites visitors to learn about the history of the 9/11 attacks. The museum also has an exhibit about the 1983 World Trade Center Bombing which killed 6 people and injured many others. The museum holds many artifacts from the attacks like the Ladder Three Fire Truck, World Trade Center Walls, and clothing from many deceased. The museum also holds many programs, and events about the attacks. To donate or to learn more head to