September’s Community Awards Winners


Kasem Minzey

Once again his year, St Joseph High School is giving out community award winning plaques at every mass we have as a school. These awards go to one senior boy, one senior girl, and one staff member. For the month of September, the community award winners were Cece Farrell, Billy Mattison, and Mrs. Barca. 

Cece Farrell has been described as kind, dedicated, faith-filled, a leader, and delightful. She has been a peer mentor, leading the freshman into the right path with her wise advice and started her own service organization called Bracelets for Better. Through this organization, Cece has raised money for children with Aicardi Syndrome. She’s also involved in some other clubs including NHS, student ambassadors, Ronald McDonald’s House Charities, Right-to-Life Club, and is part of the girls St. Joe Swim Team. 

Billy Mattison has been described as friendly, kind, generous, and reliable. During his free time, he helps Saint Joe by serving Mass and helping set up events. He is a member of student ambassadors and Right-the-Life Club. Billy has also done an internship with Redeemer Radio, been involved with the game day experience group here at Saint Joe, and is a member of the boys tennis team. 

Mrs. Barca is described as positive, joyful, nice, high-energy, and always willing to help students. A student once said, “she is kind and welcoming to everyone who enters her room and she is like a mom to her students.” After her 15 year career teaching in New Jersey, she and her family moved to South Bend. Mrs. Barca is in her second year teaching at Saint Joe and is a part of the English department. She is teaching one section of Phycology each semester and is teaching English 10 and English 10 Honors.