Nintendo Direct Recap + Review (9-13-22)


Seth Badics

After long last, this lovable company returns with more and more news on what may be the most notable characters in gaming. The latest Nintendo Direct featured the answers to several questions fans have had for years, and, with as little bias as my ecstatic childhood self could say, this one might be the company’s peak.

Starting with a huge announcement about two releases: a remaster of the beloved Kirby Return To Dreamland for the Wii system, and a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Already the presentation delivers more than Nintendo ever had before. To see one of the most critically acclaimed games in the Kirby franchise being remastered is a welcome surprise. But a long-awaited response to the “In Development” messages revealed so long ago about a new Zelda game takes the cake for the best announcement in the entire show. The original game was already a masterpiece (and if you don’t believe me, the reviews prove it), and for once, a sequel is finally looking as though it may be better than the original.

Another main highlight of the presentation had to be the announcement of Pikmin 4. With “Hey, Pikmin” being seen as a disappointing spinoff from many players, an official fourth game serves as the content they were looking for for many years.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER is receiving a sequel in February of next year. Players loved getting a full choice in this open-world RPG game, and if the sequel lives up to the original, SQUARE-ENIX, the company behind it all, will have a bright future ahead of it.

Fire Emblem: Engage will be released in January of next year, with callbacks to previous games and characters coming together in a full reunion. It is a nostalgia trip for any long-time fan of the game.

In short, this Direct had a lot to offer and it delivered tenfold. I recommend to anyone interested in these games as I am to check them out when they release. The content shown in this Direct looks very exciting and Nintendo finally delivered on promises they made in years past.